Notes for Wednesday, October 27, 2021

I finally rewatched all of the first four seasons of Money Heist on Netflix so I can finally start the new episodes that dropped a few months ago. It was so long since the first watching that I wanted to re-experience the story before embarking on what will be the end of the story released in December as Season 5, part 2.

The Spanish phenomenon has been one of the most polarising shows of the past five years, transcending the language barrier and entertaining tens of millions of non-Spanish speakers from around the world. While we still wait for the viewing figures from part 5, we do however know that part 4 ensured Money Heist became the most-watched non-English title ever when over 65 million households tuned in to watch within the first month.

I got the new Mac Book Pro set up with my external monitors and drive with an old USB-C dock I had. I’ll be switching to a newer Thunderbolt dock soon.

In appreciation of the greatest achievements in Western Culture: J.S. Bach: Six Suites for Unaccompanied Cello

The suites, which were composed ca 1720 but remained in obscurity until a young Pablo Casals rediscovered them in a secondhand sheet music store in Barcelona in 1890, contain some of the most joyous, moving, and profound music in the Western classical music canon.

The many recordings I’ve heard are individual looks into the performer’s essence.