Notes for Sunday, October 24, 2021


I knew about the pandemic boon in cycling. The shops were backed up weeks for repairs and everyone got their bikes out of the garage to get out and ride. Supply chain disruptions caused shortages in availability of new bikes and parts for repair. Things are still nowhere near normal.

I hadn’t thought about the pandemic fueling a running boom. Shut out of gyms, I guess it’s an easy available form of fitness. I hadn’t really noticed more runners, just more bikes and few cars.

Cycling is much more group oriented than running. Strava is how I track my local cyclists and some well known current and retired racers. Runners do the same, but I think it’s a bigger change for runners: How Strava Shapes Our Running Stories – Outside Online

Now that the once-private, lonesome pursuit of long-distance running is an increasingly public exercise, there’s more incentive than ever to chronicle our successes and failures for an expectant readership.

This dovetails with my recent thoughts about the return of blogging. It’s a challenge to make sure the social performance doesn’t become more important than the activity itself. The social media is incentivized exactly the opposite way- the want to drive attention not the underlying activity.


I’ve been working on how to process these Journal posts in Tinderbox. I’m writing a lot, but its fragmented. My idea is to use a Zettelkasten style of summary notes as I flesh ideas out here. That doesn’t mean reusing the text or even linking back to these daily Journal pages. I think it means curating summaries of the various topics I return to here time and again.

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