Getting Back Into Routine

Having gotten through Passover, routine is beginning to return. Reading has continued apace and I’ve finished the wonderful Saving Time by Jenny Odell. It’s more a meditation and memoir than standard non-fiction, a category I truly appreciate.

16 01 01 Leica Camera AG LEICA M10 MONOCHROM L1001136
Portrait of the Artist as a 7 Month Old Dog

I’m focusing down to just two projects in the coming months moving into the summer, my notes on Jaynes and making images. I’ve made it through Jayne’s discussion of boolean algebra and have a much deeper appreciation of the relationship between logic and the aspiration for rationality in reasoning. While he only alludes to the subject here, I think his caution against “the mind projection fallacy” is very important. In math and logic, “is” has a particular, rather abstract meaning. Not so in common language usage and we like to use “is” to create equivalence between what really “is” and our beliefs, perceptions and mental models. It’s a trap that is easy to fall into.

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