iPhone Photography and the Puppy

IMG 1390

Expect lots of puppy photos here. I have not had such a willing model in many years.

So far, it’s been iPhone photography all the way. This is a portrait mode image to get that blurred background. Digitally created in the phone with the AI system combining two images, but no work and quite impressive looking.

I’m figuring out how to use the bigger cameras for these portraints, especially the Leica SL2 which has been pretty idle without roadtrips and landscape photography.

The puppy’s name is Thiebaud, named after the California painter, Wayne Thiebaud. Pronounced in both cases “TEEBOW”. We’re learing about each other and I’m learning how classical and operant conditioning work in the real world, training an animal that now lives here. The power of positive reinforcement using food is quite remarkable, which I ought to know after decades of reading about behavior studies in the lab.

Speaking of lab, she’s a black Labrador Retriever from Viklan Labradors in West Chester, PA. A confident, playful and very motivated companion.

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