These Hobbies of Mine

I’m back from my first international travel in two years. A short trip to Lisbon. I had a few hours free each day I was there, so well over a hundred image captures came back with me.

I don’t take lots of images on these city walks. The camera provides way of looking more closely at how the light falls on the urban landscape. I look for little assemblages of objects that strike me as a still life or miniature landscape put together randomly from the usual components of the city scene. Usually it’s one capture, a quick look at the image for composition, exposure and focus and I move on. It’s a sketch, not a painting.

I’ve been working toward this style of casual photography for a few years now. It’s an expensive hobby, but its gratifying as self expression. My images are my own for myself and anyone who happens to see them here or on social media.

Oh, so many hobbies. This site, the workflows, cycling and fitness, philosophy and neuroscience. As I’ve become more busy with work, these outlets get squeezed for time, but gain in importance as an outlet. Writing takes a lot of energy, so I often find myself tinkering on other projects not so intellectually demanding.

The hobbies bring me into rich communities, again providing quick trips into bigger worlds. Networks of blog posts and discussions on Twitter and Reddit. Lately I’ve been tuning into the big world of Linux, window managers and Emacs which is a world full of tinkerers. Since it’s all just hobby for me, a nice place to relax. After all, there’s just one Wordle puzzle a day.