Notes for Monday, October 18, 2021

Apple News

Apple announced its new MacBook Pro with higher powered Apple Silicon chips.

Things are kind of pathetic over at Intel even before the latest. My son’s gaming and streaming computer has an AMD Ryzen processor and NVIDIA graphics.

But I’m betting that the 14″ MBP with the M1 Max I ordered is as fast or faster than that huge hot box. And I finally have a laptop with a notch! Arriving in a week? Outstanding work, Apple.

I was hoping to replace my Mac Mini with a faster one, but no announcement. It will probably come later, but for now I’ll consolidate with a fully decked out laptop, something I’ve avoided in the last few years wit more mobile computing generally being done on iPad. Like this casual blogging I’m doing at the moment

Confusion reigns regarding Apple’s Apatial Audio. Apple isn’t helping. In fact, they seem to be fostering the confusion to move product. They confused everyone again in the announcement today.

Spatial Audio works with any headphones, not just the Apple iPod Pro and Max. Those apple products automatically switch it on with the default settings. When I’m using my fancy Sennheiser or Dan Clark headphones through an external DAC, I just need to manually switch it on in Settings. I actually have a shortcut on my iPhone to switch because sometimes my iPhone feeds a DAC connected to speakers. But on my iPad, it’s always turned on since I only ever use digital out for headphones, never speakers.

Om expresses my thoughts on the iPad Mini. Early on there were lots of small tablets that were best used hand held. My iPad Pro is an extremely flexible, portable device. The mini is more special purpose, great for reading and scribbling.

Rules for Casual Blogging

Rule 1: Streamline your workflow. Then refine it some more. Repeat until there is no friction and a thought is a post

Rule 2: Capture that thought like you’re bullet journaling. Don’t wait until you’ve written the well researched, fully argued discussion. This is a blog not an Atlantic article or your Bloomberg column. Those are written, edited and re-edited to drive clicks and ad revenue

Rule 3: Write for yourself. The audience may or may not show up. It’s for you, not for them. Forget search engines and SEO. There’s no magic algorithm that’s going to gain you readers. Only community and participation in the conversation.

Case in point is Dave Rogers putting off a post and breaking Rule 2.

So, a couple of ideas for long-ish posts. Probably going to take a few days to pull together. The risk is that they ultimately never come together

Dave Winer is also a cyclist. I agree with him that, for the cyclist on the public roads in America, car drivers suck. As Dave points out, sometimes they honk as they approach you. Sometimes they honk as they pass you. Sometimes they throw litter at you. Sometimes they sideswipe you. A good rule (I’m full of rules today, it seems) is to take over the lane clearly and unambiguously when it is not safe to pass and move over toward the right only when its safe and they have room to go by safely. It turns out that traveling by bike is very safe by most measures even though sharing the road with distracted drivers in multi ton vehicles can be stressful

Craig Mod tells a cycling tail.. One of the pleasures of blogging is having a way to publicly appreciate the work of hard working, talented artists. Craig is the real thing. Check out Craig’s site. Subscribe to his newsletters, buy his book, and if you like it, support his work.

In other news of Japan, my 2022 Hobonichi arrived from Jet Pens. More gratitude to Jet Pens for importing so much cool Japanese stationary and thanks to the fountain pen and notebook community for uncovering and publicizing these products. All enrich my life.

Plotter is launching its products in the US. This is a loose leaf style system from the folks at Midori who make the MD great notebooks and the Traveler’s Notebook system. I’ll pass for now, even though David Allen has said that the best GTD system is a loose leaf notebook. My best GTD system was the Palm Pilot and I mostly try to emulated using plain text editors on Mac and iOS.

One last great product is the Birkenstock Arizona EVA Sandals. I bought a pair this year after reading this Wirecutter rave. In the fall, I switch back to my Boston clogs, but I can see wearing the EVAs into the fall with socks.

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