Notes for Thursday, October 14, 2021

Today’s notes edited in Drafts and copied as Markdown into the WordPress app on an iPad. Pretty easy workflow and I end up with the Markdown file right here. Will probably start an archive in DEVONthink just to have a searchable repository with good backup.

Immigration; Where I Get My News

All four of my grandparents came to the US from the economic bleakness of the Pale of Settlement. of the Russian Empire around the turn of the century. She refused to ever talk about where she came from and life before coming to America. But as the grandson of 4 immigrants with an MD, PhD, now pretty well off over 100 years after they arrived, I feel like I have a personal stake in discussions of immigration. My parents and I took full advantage of the opportunity here and I cannot fully express my gratitude to the idea and the reality that is the United States. So it was interesting for me to read a bit about the history of open borders in the US and our current state of affairs. This book review of Open Borders by Bryan Caplan outlines the books arguments to return to the open borders the US had prior to 1920, when all of my grandparents were immigrants at Ellis Island. My ancestors, like those of most other Americans, were brave souls who left behind everything they knew for opportunity for themselves, and, as it turns out, this particular Neurologist.

What goes around, comes around. I can’t stomach the point of view journalism of CNN, MSNBC or Fox. So, as in days of old, NPR is my news source once again. It tends to have depth, but seems to successfully avoid both one side-ism and both side-ism. I believe its because they are not chasing ratings or clicks. Thank you for the public service.

Fitness and Quality of Life

Apple Fitness+ is so compelling, I finally got my wife to at try my previous Apple Watch and see how she likes the service. I continue to find it a game changer for me and personal fitness off the bike.

I think I got Dave Rogers to try it out.

But I do need to add some strength training/core work. I’m reluctant to use the extensive fitness facilities here because of COVID, so Apple Fitness may be something that’ll motivate me

On the bike, the Garmin Varia™ RTL515 | Bike Radar and Tail Light is a game changer. It’s a radar unit that alerts me to cars approaching from the rear. No more sudden side swipes and comfort in confirmation that the road is clear behind when I need to make a left turn. These technologies made possible by microprocessors are so ubiquitous and so common that I think we’re blind to their magical nature. After every ride, I pause and appreciate how quickly we turn knowledge into valuable technology. And that I have survived another ride on the roads of Baltimore County.

I believe the data is pretty good that we have just a few ways to delay the inevitable decline of growing older. One of these is regular exercise. Enough to cause physiological stress and adaptation from wherever you are now. Similarly, intellectual engagement that stresses capacity promotes adaptation and prevents loss of cognitive ability. Similar to what exercise does for heart, lung, muscle and metabolism. Stress is good when its a stimulus and recovery is promoted by rest- physical and mental. That includes laughing, listening to music, being with friends and family, and realizing that while the effort is in your control, the result is not.

I did place 7 of 13 for my age group (55-64 year old Men) in the Grand Fondo National Series by riding 4 events this year.

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