Vincent Versace’s Flickr Group

The Three at the Side of the Road

Great news for those who have been learning digital methods from Vincent Versace’s “Welcome to Oz”. There’s now a Flickr group dedicated to the book. Vincent is participating a bit and left a very nice comment on one of my recent images:

The Sky Reflected on Flickr – Photo Sharing!: “Nice use of form and shape. Good gesture too. The only thing I’d say to consider is toning down the hot spot that rides the top edge on the right. if that were pulled down just a bit, the wonderful texture and use of light and contrast of the center leaf would stand out even more. There are several ways to do this. If you’re interested in how I would suggest to do this please send me an e-mail. But this is a really nice image.”

This image was captured last night during a walk around the neighborhood in late afternoon. It was taken in the grove of trees right across the street from my house. As I’ve worked through the techniques in Oz, I see that many of the manipulations across time and space that are done depend on the camera being on a tripod. While I sometimes use one, I prefer a more spontaneous way of working with a handheld camera. It may be worth some experimentation if I can correct some of the exposure and focusing problems that I run into with my current style.