We Hid From the Light


Another XP-2 image with the 50mm Summicron. Another chronicle ofsuburban nature.I’ve got a new MacBook Pro on order. 15 inch 2.2 GHz with a glossyscreen. I ordered it with the upgrade to a 160 GB 7200 rpm hard drive.Unfortunately it seems that Apple won’t have these drives for another 4to 6 weeks so I’ll be continuing to use this trusty AlBook.

The Wall Was Contained by the Fence

03470006Another XP-2 image shot with the Leica. These are the roots of my colorstyle. With the XP-2 images I’ve been doing much less post processing,just contrast and levels in Aperture. I have a solid flow of images, soshooting and posting are taking precedence over the creation of fineprints.Ilford’s XP-2 is an acceptable substitue for Tri-X. It has the snap whenscanned that I look for. The Noritsu scans from National Photo, a locallab, are full scale. It’s not an inexpensive workflow and if it weren’t for the equipment, I’d be shooting directly in digital. I like therendering of the Summicron and film.