Kudos to NIK Software

American Eagle Portrait, originally uploaded by jjvornov.

As I’ve used Capture NX2 more and more over the last month because of it’s much improved curve tools. One important part of my workflow that was left behind in Photoshop was my NIK Color Efex filter set. I’ve used the Skylight filter and lighten Center on many of my images.

Today I saw a press release regarding the new Color Efex for Capture NX2 release from NIK and it sounded like my license might be good for the NX version as well. Sure enough, when I logged onto the NIK site, I was notified that the Capture NX2 version was available to me for download.

Color Efex integrates into NX2 much more completely without the second screeen that the Photoshop interface requires. It is also very fast and, in keeping with the NX2 process is entirely non-destructive. This is a huge advantage over the layering that Photoshop requires. I don’t have to create snapshot layers to apply the filters. And when two filters interact poorly, I can go back and adjust something like a curve earlier in the workflow.

Overall, it’s cementing the role of Capture NX2 as my editing program of choice. Now if I could just more easily send RAW files from Aperture to NX2, I’d have a nicely integrated workflow.

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  1. I really enjoy your blog and you photos. I have used Aperture for a while and found that, while I liked the organizational aspect of the program, the post processing required more “tweaking” to get it to where Capture begins. I would be interested in your workflow using Capture and Aperture if you have the time to share it.


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