The Experimental History experiment – by Adam Mastroianni

From The Experimental History experiment – by Adam Mastroianni:

Last March, when I had barely begun blogging, I happened to meet a big shot author who writes pop science books, and I told him about my dreams for this blog. “Maybe this could be what I do,” I told him, hopefully. “It’ll never work,” he said. “People want to read about what they are interested in, not what you are interested in. I’m successful because I write stuff that will sell. I don’t actually like the stuff I write about.”

I’ve been writing here going on 25 years now. I write what I need to since this is my journal. But I’ve long been aware that my posts on photography equipment and notetaking process get the most reads via search engines. Not lots of referals from other blogs these days, just some of my old friends here. But of course, this is just my way of thinking out loud.

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