Editing the OBD Manuscript Once Again

It’s almost comical that I forgot that I had completed a full draft of my manuscript last June. I had edited about half to be a more complete, organized draft and got completely distracted. First it was building a PC to run Linux, then explorations of Emacs and LogSeq, which led into organizing and publishing work in progress. Plus delving deeper into the foundations of probability theory, reading Jaynes and standard accounts of the Kolmogorov set theory basis.

Almost all of my real notes have been on paper, so there has been little to publish here anyway other than casual notes and a few photos. I’m not at all concerned about the productivity function, just reeling in and completing some projects.

So I opened up the ODB manuscript folder and read over some of that first draft. My intent now is to finish that first draft and get something out there to call the project done after many years. Which of course frees up some mental energy to think about the next project.

Of all the ideas in my ODB theory of everything, the one I really want to explore is Bateson’s idea of Ecology of Mind. It gets at the root of personal identity, the internal model of the world and the role of conscious perception in brain function. Lets see if I can split off a bit of time to start that exploration.

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