First Composite Image

Trees Watch Trees

Late this afternoon I went out into my backyard with the express intent of harvesting images for use in Photoshop compositing. While I sometimes have problems in images capturing a full range of intensities, I am more often frustrated by focus problems. Even with the small sensor and relatively small apertures, I often which that I had more real front to back focus.

In this image I combined an image with the foreground trunks in sharp focus with one that had the rear trees sharp. As it turned out, I used the image with the foreground in focus and painted in the trees in the back along with the fence behind. Like a high dynamic range photo, it creates a bit of a “hyper-real” impression because photos usually lack this kind of selective focus. I hope it helps guide the eye back from left to right and front to back through the image space, landing on the nicely lit fence.

I’m building a small portfolio of these tree images, but I’m still exploring the possibilities in their arrangements and patterns.

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