Celebrating 20 years

I missed celebrating the 20th anniversery of this site a couple of weeks ago. Here’s the Internet Archive link to that first post.

I’d like to thing that I’m still here writing in that spirit of using using imagination as the path to better decision making. I’m way less enamored with the technology of computer simulation, but have to recognize that 20 years on, AI and Machine Learning have brought a lot of that promise into the world, but create algorithms that tend to diminish our active imagination rather than augment it. When my phone can make better images than I can, I have to admit defeat before ascendant computing as deciding.

I had hoped to create some longer form writing to mark the occasion, but instead I’ve simply renewed the writing and image posting habit, putting out a pretty steady stream of posts. Looking back as the initial months of the Edit This Page sites, I’m impressed at how much like Twitter it was. Pointing at content, making short remarks. Never thinking to create evergreen content to build a search audience.

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