When Blogs Were Journals

Looking back on my history of writing on the internet, I came across this nice personal history written by another early EditThisPage user, Frank McPherson who wrote Notes From The Cave.

I don’t think it was the change to titles that did in blogging, it was the move to writing articles rather than journaling, a larger conceptual shift. Looking back through those early sites they were frequently posted links, comments and quick thoughts. And indeed, this is a space now occupied by Twitter and other social media. Social connections in the early days of blogging was easy since the world was small. Twitter and Facebook provided scale for both personal and private networking, so its natural that the infinity of small island blogs like this faded away.

Over the years, this site has been found because of long form reviews or observations that get ranking in Google searches. Any other readers are long time net friends and family. The photos I feature on most pages are decorative, they can’t be found by search engines. I have Flickr for my photographic social network, a place that seems to be recovering from Yahoo’s neglect at this point.

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