This Is A Photograph

Will You Look At That!

This image was capture on film (C-41 process black and white), developed and scanned by my local lab, then posted here un touched or manipulated. To me, it is a photograph. A moment in time captured by the light recording medium. It’s momentary and completely accidental for me. Since it required no level or contrast changes, I had no need to further manipulate it.

Erwin Puts has been writing on the subject. He describes well the difference between snapshots like this image and the construction of digital imagery through computers.

In my color Suburban Landscape project, I’m pushing my post processing well beyond what I’ve done before. Digital provides better ways to do what we were capable of in the darkroom with greater speed and control. However when you start working with layers, combining multiple images, adding effects like selective focus or sharpening one has left the realm of photography as it was known and are now creating images. Like painting or drawing, this new digital medium is more free and more subjective than photography.

By using two different cameras and media for capture, I have an easier time moving between the two different modes.

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